On listening to my meat-suit (or shifts in my movement practice)

With my days in the OR and long cases that require me to stand for five or six hours at a time, I decided to change up some of my movement practices. If I’ll be standing a lot, then I should train the physical act of standing, right? So once or twice a week, I’ll head to the barbell, load it up quite heavy, and then just stand underneath the load, taking ten breaths per set.

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On the pull of the OR (or consideration of a life in surgery)

The Surgery rotation has been treating me well. For my inpatient immersion, I’m assigned to Surgical Oncology, so lots of tumor resections, addressing complications of tumors, or prophylactically removing tissue in case of cancer. The residents are busy and as considerate as they can be. I try to stay out of their way and not make myself their problem. The attendings are busy as well and do not play unnecessary games.

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On a busy night (or Women’s Health/Pediatrics: a post-mortem)

For the most part, my week of nights on Labor & Delivery was quiet. Saturday night, then Monday night, and finally Tuesday night. Then, a day of standardized patient interviews on Thursday and the final exam on Friday leading me into Spring Break.

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Meg Scott On Death

Meg Scott! Meg is a 23yo well-rounded second-year medical student, a follower of Christ, and a runner. I’m honored to call this deeply intelligent human my friend and I look forward to keeping tabs on her future career in surgery. In this conversation, we explore her relationship with Christ, how karate and horseback riding can teach you how to teach, and what the death of her close friend’s father taught her about death.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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