On slow starts (or a quiet beginning to MS3)

This week, we’ve had a few required days filled with computer systems and BLS training. Nothing that could be considered demanding. The only days I needed to show up on the hospital campus were Wednesday and Thursday, and for far less than a full day.

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On delaying the inevitable (or 18 days to Step One)

The new moon is Wednesday and I planned to sit for Step One on Tuesday. Instead, a rough practice exam last weekend shook my confidence and forced re-evaluation. Step is coming, but am I ready?

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On a minor concussion

27yo male presents 5days post-fall with occipital contact on semi-padded surface and no loss of consciousness.

Waking up on Saturday, I felt a little groggy. Not sure if it was the ice cream binge of black cherry talenti, or the late night of studying combined with a low pressure system rolling through the morning, or the mild brain trauma of Monday finally showing itself.

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