On a busy night (or Women’s Health/Pediatrics: a post-mortem)

For the most part, my week of nights on Labor & Delivery was quiet. Saturday night, then Monday night, and finally Tuesday night. Then, a day of standardized patient interviews on Thursday and the final exam on Friday leading me into Spring Break.

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On a tale of two births (or life in Labor & Delivery)

The scrub nurse kicked me out of the OR twice: once for not wearing a facemask with eye protection and twice for wearing a ring. Once finally scrubbed in and gowned up, I found my place next to the attending on the patient’s left side, while the resident and scrub nurse placed themselves on her right. The conscious patient separated from us by a drape, with the anesthetists conversing with her and checking in regularly. More drapes covered her lower body, exposing the lower portion of her gravid belly.

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On confidence through repetition

I have spent the past two weeks in the acute care pediatric clinic. Not terribly acute, because if the kids were truly ill and needed immediate care, then they would’ve presented to the ER. More sick than a well-visit, so instead of a question list with prepared topics of discussion, I have something to check-out and assess.

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[REPOST] Anna Shon On Death

Anna Shon! Anna is a 57yo mother of two, a devoted Catholic, and a good friend. In this conversation, we talk about the death of her parents and how this influenced her own vision for end of life, her aversion to burials, and her optimism for the future.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On making the rounds

I spent six mornings this week in the hospital. The extra set of morning rounds to make up for the missed Monday after the van debacle. As one friend put it, both an entirely fair punishment and the worst thing in the world. I finished Friday lecture with a small sense of dread, knowing that I would have to wake up early the next morning to round on patients with my attending on a Saturday.

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On 2017 (as told through weekly reflections)

Looking back over this solar cycle, I can identify so many patterns. So many subtle changes that were imperceptible at the time, but obvious in retrospect. Especially when compared to the previous year.

Like 2016, I divide my weekly reflections into categories: miscellaneous musings, clinical reflections, Step One, physical practices, and love. This way, I can quantify my emotions over the cycle and contrast them to last year.

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On a series of unfortunate events (or the second Vanna White debacle)

We awoke in NH on Sunday. The sun shone over the hemlocks that border the southern edge. Few clouds. Mackenzi and I lounged knowing that we had all day to get back to Coopersburg, PA. Our goal for the weekend: get to my childhood NH home on Saturday via rental car and return to PA on Sunday via the family van with a rowing machine in the back seat.

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