On necessary atrophy (or 8 days to Step One)

I want to move. I want to spend the day outside with the glorious Florida spring soaking up the rays of sun before I leave for Pennsylvania. I want to lift the heavy things with my partner. I want to set up my slackline next to my hammock and casually move between the two as I watch the sun trace a path across the sky.

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Pooja Jayaprakash On Death

Pooja Jayaprakash! Pooja is 23yo second year medical student and Indian woman with a liberal arts background. I met Pooja during the first week of med school and I have known that she would make an outstanding guest on the podcast. During this conversation, we discuss growing up Indian in Utah, imagining her mixed-race children, resisting the draw of medicine, and the death of her 109yo grandfather with his complicated legacy.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On time dilation (or 22 days to Step One)

I find it hard to believe that I’ve been studying for two weeks. Time seems to move differently during Step Prep. Day after day, each morning I wake up to my alarm, my partner makes coffee, and it feels the same. The morning fugue before I orient myself to the study tasks ahead.

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AJ Thurston On Death

AJ Thurston! AJ is a 29yo combat veteran, teacher, and follower of Christ. I met AJ while coaching crossfit and I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring him to you. In this interview, we discuss why he joined the Marines at 17yo, following the example of his step-father, the suicide of a brother in arms, and the importance of a consistent personality.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On Wim Hof and Chill (or 29 days to Step One)

7a Wake up: make coffee, poop, stretch, water plants.
9a Begin studying: read a chapter from review texts and complete a block of practice questions.
2p Movement break. Eat food afterwards.
5p Resume studying: more question blocks and review the results.
9p Watch TV and eat.
10p Wind down and lights out.
11p Body in bed and sleep.

Rinse and repeat for twenty-nine more days.

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On the change of seasons (or Course Seven: a post-mortem)

Tomorrow is the Vernal Equinox, the moment when day and night balance each other out, the mark of winter’s end and the start of spring. Florida has been expressing spring rebirth for some time with almost every tree pushing out new growth. Up north, in my childhood home of NH or the future home of PA, I know that snows have been freshly laid and the spring renewal is weeks, if not months, away.

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