On Death Podcast

I am…
Before I die, I want…
When I die, I want…
After I die, I want…

Four simple prompts, many different answers.

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In this podcast, doctor-in-training Eugene Kim interviews noteworthy people of different ages, gender and racial identities, cultures, faiths, and backgrounds to highlight the common threads between us all, by talking about an inevitable aspect of our life-cycle: Death.

For a deeper dive into the ‘why’ of this project, please read these reflections!

February 2016 – On Death: a manifesto
October 2017 – On Death, revisited
March 2018 – On Death revisited, again

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The Dirty Dozen




  • 0329 – With Rashad Malik Davis

    Rashad is a 26yo creative, lover of stories, and story-teller.

    In this conversation, we discuss the painful genesis and healing journey of his book, his deeply rooted spirituality, and the importance of representation in the stories that we tell.

  • 0412 – With Caroline Wilson

    Caroline is a 19yo college student, positive human, and survivor of a traumatic brain injury.

    In this lovely conversation, we discuss the plastic nature of memories especially when you have impaired long-term memory, how a positive reframe of a situation can change your outlook on life, and the nature of social crutches and how they help us function.

  • 0426 – With Michael Caron

    Michael is a 40yo father, coach, and motivator.

    We discuss his formative years through a semester at sea, the wonder of being a new father while being present for a stepdaughter, and his philosophy on leadership and self-development.

  • 0510 – With Kristin Clague Reihman

    Kristin is a 47yo physician, healer, and mother.

    In this interview, we discuss the death of her mother when she was eighteen, her own near death experience fraught with pain, and how her spirituality is connecting with others.

  • 0524 – With Eric Garza

    Eric Garza is a 41yo professor, hunter, and suicide survivor. 

    During this conversation, we discuss hunting as connection to landscape, pushing ourselves to take the shot and learn the skills, and the near death experience of his suicide attempt.