On a good week (or the beginning of Child/Adolescent Psych)

This week has been good to me. The Child Psych rotation has started well and I feel like I am in my element: able to gather a good history, build a decent assessment, and develop a rapport with the treating physicians and nurses. Being released before lunch time is a perk, on top of the clinical ego-boost.

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On quick reflections (or Inpatient Psych: a post-mortem)

I had initially planned to write a long reflection about my final clinical encounter on the adult inpatient psych floor. It was a draining encounter with a patient that resonates strongly with me. But with some distance and perspective, I feel like I can leave that experience behind me, and I don’t need a therapeutic writing session to get it out of my head.

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On parenthood in the wards

Having a baby on the way has opened up new conversation trees with my patients. These conversations require vulnerability on my part, relating personal details to my psych patients in a way that would cause some older psychiatrists to shake their head. These conversations also have great rewards, allowing me to ground the clinical discussions in the emotionally rich fabric of parenthood.

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On a good week (or the beginning of Inpatient Psych)

I am surprised by how much I enjoy myself on the inpatient psych unit. Perhaps it is the difference I notice between my first time around the block and now. Perhaps it is because I am honing the skills that will directly transfer to my own professional practice as a psychiatrist. Or perhaps it is because I am taking good care of myself.

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On the other side again (or 6 days since Step Two)

I have thought about the relaxation over the past week since the long day of testing. Yes, there has been so much decompression from the final sprint of third year. Each day of release has me feeling more like myself and less like the anxious and wound-up Eugene that finished Prologue.

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