On a wintery spring break (or how I met Honey)

Spring break, the week-long gap between my Women’s Health/Peds and Surgery clerkships, comes to an end today. We had far more snow than we expected, given the springy weather of the previous weeks. Winter in its final throes, I’m sure.

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On a busy night (or Women’s Health/Pediatrics: a post-mortem)

For the most part, my week of nights on Labor & Delivery was quiet. Saturday night, then Monday night, and finally Tuesday night. Then, a day of standardized patient interviews on Thursday and the final exam on Friday leading me into Spring Break.

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[REPOST] Alana Karma On Death

Alana Karma! Alana is a 21yo artist, student, and performer. I met Alana through the Sacred Floats and Gems nebulous (which brought previous guests Kenny Henderson and Jared Roa to the podcast). Her canvases include skin, both inked and painted, fire, and aerial silks. In this heady conversation, we discuss her Mohawk heritage, Wiccan upbringing, and the sacred fire.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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On a tale of two births (or life in Labor & Delivery)

The scrub nurse kicked me out of the OR twice: once for not wearing a facemask with eye protection and twice for wearing a ring. Once finally scrubbed in and gowned up, I found my place next to the attending on the patient’s left side, while the resident and scrub nurse placed themselves on her right. The conscious patient separated from us by a drape, with the anesthetists conversing with her and checking in regularly. More drapes covered her lower body, exposing the lower portion of her gravid belly.

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On newborns, mud, and shoes (or a taste of Spring)

Beginnings are in the air. My week of newborn nursery had me inspecting humans a few hours old. The first wet gasps of Spring in the Lehigh Valley. Finally, a reminder from my feet that mental flexibility is more important than rigid strength. There’s always time to drop what no longer serves in order to make room for new growth.

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[REPOST] Ian Covell On Death

Ian Covell! Ian is an 18-year-old athlete, soon-to-be college student, and thoughtful human. In this conversation, we talk about the power of risk and jumps, the fine difference between atheism and agnosticism, and the importance of embracing your true emotions.

I know you will enjoy this lovely conversation with a profoundly interesting and unique young person!

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On feedback and reflection (or the kick for professional development)

For the second time during medical school, I received 360-feedback on my strengths and weaknesses. The ESCI, or Emotional and Social Competency Index, is lovely in retrospect and a pain beforehand. In order to obtain that 360-feedback, I submit 15min surveys to managers, peers, and folks that I manage.

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