AJ Thurston On Death

AJ Thurston! AJ is a 29yo combat veteran, teacher, and follower of Christ. I met AJ while coaching crossfit and I’m grateful for the opportunity to bring him to you. In this interview, we discuss why he joined the Marines at 17yo, following the example of his step-father, the suicide of a brother in arms, and the importance of a consistent personality.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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AJ is…
a Christ follower,
a patriot,
a former Marine,
an Industrial and Organizational Psychology graduate student,
a son,
a brother,
and a dog lover.

Before AJ dies, he wants…
financial stability,
to be married and have a family,
consistency of his personality,
to continue being a teacher,
to feel successful in his career,
and to really enjoy life.

When AJ dies, he wants…
to leave a legacy,
and to be like his grandfather.

After AJ dies, he wants…
to say that he tried his best,
to be cremated,
and this place to be better than when he left.

In conclusion, AJ says…

“First of all, thank you for having me. I really appreciate this opportunity to not only talk about death, but to open up and put something on the record.

I hope that for those who don’t know me, when they listen to this, will find it insightful as to my person. And I hope that the people who do know me, if they listen to this, will see it as consistent.”

On Death Podcast

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