Abigail O’Reggio On Death

Abigail O’Reggio! Abigail is a 22yo second year medical student, an aunt, and proud Jamaican. Mackenzi, my partner and fellow MS2, conducted research alongside Abigail over the summer and have developed a sassy and delightful friendship. In this interview, they discuss the importance of advocacy, the quiet anticipation of motherhood, and the perspective shifts from Jamaica to the States in both race and education.

I hope you enjoy! 🙂

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Abigail is…
a woman,
an advocate,
a daughter,
a sister,
and an aunt.

Before Abigail dies, she wants…
to see her parents happy, healthy, and wealthy,
to travel to other countries,
to be independent,
and to have a child.

When Abigail dies, she wants…
her body to give back to the environment,
and her soul to go from heaven back to the earth.

After Abigail dies, she wants…
to actively be a part of her loved one’s lives,
to be at peace,
and her accomplishments to be remembered.

In conclusion, Abigail says…

“Just be open. Don’t be too quick to judge… Just persevere. Just continue to believe in yourself. Don’t let outside factors affect that.”

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